The story behind our success is really the story of our talented community.

If we had to summarize in one word what it’s like behind the scenes in our coworking space the word would be: productive. Second word: friendly. Third word: professional. When we first started Workville in 2016 our goal was to create a professional, friendly, productive environment for growth stage startups. Talent attracts talent and we believed we could foster an environment for the best of the best in New York City. When founding members were scaling their companies at an impressive rate, we knew we were onto something. Founding members came to us requesting a new floor for larger team offices. We built exactly that, based on their feedback. Now, we’re all taking a moment to appreciate our collective growth.

Thanks to the team at Halleloo Creative we were able to capture what our members have to say about Workville.

Meet Spencer Richardson. He is the CEO and Cofounder of DropCar,  discount monthly parking & on-demand car concierge at the tap of a button.

“We were one of the first people in the space…we explored a lot of options but the team here immediately engaged us, they understood what we were thinking about and when we would need more space in terms of scaling. It felt like they were part of the business by creating a space that all of our team can feel happy and confident in. They give you that dream office manager, thinking about things they can be doing for people in the space proactively.”

Meet Emily Knauer, the Office Manager for FirstAI a financial services product that harnesses user intelligence to extract information from the interpretation intensive documentation.

“We wanted to be in a coworking space, we wanted something with a community and someplace where we could meet new people and have more of an entrepreneurial spirit and just enjoy work every day. Everyone’s always in a good mood, always working super hard, and everyone’s always really friendly.”

Zahir Dossa, CEO and Co Founder of Function of Beauty, the first fully customizable shampoo and conditioner company valued at over $110 million.

“DJ was willing to give me a key to his office to store my IMAC…I don’t think there are too many coworking spaces that will have the President or the Owner literally give you the key to their office to store your stuff while you’re revving your company up.”

Tina Gaffney is head of customer success at Realeyes an international company focused on emotional intelligence. They help advertisers understand how people are resonating emotionally through content.

“The intimacy of the environment that the Workville team provides. We were also attracted to the space and the amenities.”

Kelly Barr is the Business Dev Rep for TV Squared, a global TV analytics company that measures and optimizes TV performance to drive sales.

“We chose Workville about two years ago because of the healthy work environment, the location, and the staff. It’s really refreshing…it’s not just you and your company working here it’s a bunch of other companies working here as well…I love the coworking space”