Bali for Labor Day? It’s only a 24-hour plane ride away

September 6, 2017Announcements, Co-Working, services

Seems like it’s the place to be these days – with so many influencers and common folk alike posting pictures, social media feeds are starting to look like an ad campaign for Bali’s exotic landscape and beaches.

We researched the tough question though (insert irony) – Is the destination worth the travel time? All in, if we were to book a trip and depart from our midtown Manhattan location, it would take us XYZ HOURS (WITH A STOP IN).

Forbes has convinced us, that yes, those XYZ hours are worth the time. They recently published a travel article that lists Bali as the XYZ travel destination, largely because the hotels offer a uniquely experiential and luxurious vacation. Simply stated, the experience is authentic luxury.

This authenticity is largely due to what Forbes describes as Balinese hospitality “[a] unique ability to read guests, think ahead and anticipate their needs…which are skills inherent to the Balinese culture”. Guests are hosted with gracious, thoughtful, and personalized service. “You don’t just watch a ceremony, you are welcome to join in if you like…Bali is as deep and immersive as you are ready to go. Don’t be surprised if your waiter invites you home to enjoy a family meal or if a driver takes you his temple ceremony. Openness and sharing is a key part of their culture.”

It’s no surprise that people are traveling to faraway places for a taste of local culture (insert quote about Airbnb and what it’s now valued at XYZ!). The 5-star hotels that have emerged in Bali are tapping into this cultural treasure and designing buildings that also assimilate into the local landscape. So, while we love our coworking space in NYC, we are now completely sold on this Bali trend as well.

On a personal note, we can’t help but also be inspired by the open, sharing, hospitality driven culture. We take pride our professional, friendly, and inspiring environment here at Workville. So who knows – maybe we’ll come back from Bali with a few new friends and a few new ideas. Now we just have to look into that flight…

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