Coworking Dream Team – Meet Workville’s Partners!

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Let’s talk Dream Team.
The word entrepreneur can be synonymous with independent, but you shouldn’t have to build your startup alone.  Driving your business from infancy to the next growth stage is no small feat – which is where Workville’s unrivaled partnerships come into play. 
Our impressive lineup of MVPs (Most Valuable Partners) includes a variety of brands, services, and companies that can take your startup to the next level.
Personal investment needs?  We’ve got Morgan Stanley on speed-dial.
Desperately seeking a new employee of the month?  Michael Page Recruiting will find your next key hire.
Entering the US market from abroad?  Insperity is in-house for all your soft-landing business needs.
Want your employees to commute in style?  Gett will give them free ride promotion codes.
Leaving our luxurious offices for a work trip?  Croissant will find you another co-working space that’s almost as good as ours.
Clients in town?  We’ve got a fantastic referal rate with The Refinery Hotel. 
This is just a sample of our favorite partnerships to date, additional partnerships include inDineroTriNet, ZipCar, AlleyBoost Events, with more to come.
Remember, we’re right here with you as a growth-phase startup, too.  As Workville prepares to expand from our first location, here at 1412 Broadway, we’re constantly fostering new relationships and strengthening existing partnerships.  We hope you’ll take advantage of our growing community!
And P.S. Your dream team’s ideal new office is now available.  Place a bid on our most stunning corner office.  Or e-mail us directly at

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