Meet Sue Bernstock, President of Workville

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Eight ‘thank you’ notes later, she was hired… that’s just a piece of the story of how Sue Bernstock came to run one of NYC’s most interesting workspace.

Suzanne Bernstock studied Architecture at Tufts University in Massachusetts before ending up in NYC’s fashion world, a bit removed from the growing coworking industry. Working at the top, in the buying offices at Saks Fifth Avenue and Vince, Bernstock enjoyed her work but felt a need for a change.

It was then, one day, walking through midtown Manhattan that she found Workville, a brand new NYC coworking space. Walking in off the street, she was able to meet Workville’s founder and was so impressed with the space and the vibe she was determined to work there! The next day she met with all eight of Workville’s founding partners, and, as you already know, eight ‘thank you’ notes later, she was hired.

Workville, coworking space in Midtown Manhattan

Workville, coworking space in Midtown Manhattan


Sue Bernstock has since become the President of Workville but even more so, she and D.J. Dashti, one of Workville’s Founders, are the collaborative force that makes Workville such a wonderful place to work. You can’t visit Workville without meeting Sue Bernstock. And every Workville member has a story of how Sue helped them, whether that was an introduction to a Venture Capitalist or offering a solution to a tech issue.

Workville is one of NYC’s friendliest, and most interesting coworking spaces. Once you meet Sue or D.J. you’ll see exactly why so many companies and freelancers choose to make Workville their headquarters.

Schedule a visit to see for yourself.  Sue will be happy to show you the space!


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