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As promised, here’s an interview with Show-Score, one of the talented members in our community.

But before we begin, just a quick fyi that we’ll be introducing a subscribed news-letter — word is spreading and too many people want to be in the know.  So make sure to sign up!

And now, back to the show:
Can you tell us about the origin of your company’s name, Show-Score?
Show-Score is exactly what it says on the tin!  We invite members to score the shows they’ve seen to help others decide if it is the right show for them.  

Give us your company’s elevator pitch!
Show-Score is the ultimate fan guide to New York City theater.  We list all shows playing in NYC, all reviews from critics and our members, and all the prices in one place.  Like “Rotten Tomatoes” but for theater, we help answer the question, “What show should I see?”

When was your company founded?
We were founded a year ago, but we launched to the public on September 15, 2015. 

What’s your company’s plan for world domination?
Create a great product, build a wonderful experience, always surprise and delight our community, and iterate fast!

How many employees are currently working on said plan?
We have 5 people here at Workville and many more who work from home, coffee shops, or wherever works for them!

What are 3 things you do at Workville to make your day better / more productive?
Go stand out on one of the amazing balconies and stare at the view / chat with Sue and her team, take advantage of the beautiful lounge area for some thinking-time away from our screens. 

Why did Show-Score choose Workville?
It’s beautiful, functional, light, and airy, and the Workville team are awesome, responsive, and fun!

Can you share a deep, dark secret about your industry? (or at least a fun fact we might not know?)
On any given night in NYC, there are 150 – 180 shows running.  And 30{4fc7c18b45bb3ca206250eb9042b2a89ae65f7a25a3279e991ff45e5d9c4f9ea} of them cost $25 or less.  There’s truly something for everyone so there’s no reason not to go!

Any secrets on Hamilton you can spill?
Many on the Show-Score team have a huge actor crush on Daveed Diggs, who plays Lafayette and Jefferson, and we got to interview him last week.  Read the interview here .  You’ll see why.  Another secret?  Believe.The.Hype. 

Where and when did you first see Hamilton and how were you in the know?
We started hearing the word about Hamilton when it started previews at the Public Theater Off-Broadway.  The minute the show started, people were raving about it.  So we made sure we had tickets way before the reviews came out!  That’s the best thing about Show-Score.  We tap into the buzz early and tell our members.  So you don’t have to wait till all the tickets are gone to hear about it!

What are each of your employee’s go-to karaoke song?
Many members of the team had an aggressively strong reaction to the word karaoke.  Seems like we’re not the right crowd.  Having said that, the songs “Let it Be” “American Boy” and “Dancing Thru Life” from Wicked all got special mentions. 

Well, that’s a wrap on the Show-Score interview.  We’re inspired to go see / rate some shows; hope you are too!!

And until next time, feel free to submit a bid on a sun-drenched office, or contact us directly at info@workvillenyc.com.



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