The Workville team enjoys going above and beyond, and when it comes to Dedicated Desks in a Shared Private Office, this is where we really get to show-off. 

We review what type of day-to-day experience you like, and what type of work you do. We match you in an office with like-minded members. This means you will be in an office where it’s okay to make calls, or conversely in a quiet space where you can get in the zone.

Members who choose dedicated desks are amazed by our office matchmaking skills. We love creating an authentic everyday experience to ensure your dedicated desk is a friendly, productive workspace for you.



Dedicated desks on the private 22nd Floor are also a popular choice among members. These dedicated desks are in the open workspace, surrounded by the buzz of larger startups and disruptor companies. It’s the hub of the 22nd floor, so you really experience the friendly, professional, and talented environment for which Workville is known.