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Workville is highest-rated and most reviewed coworking space in NYC, offering flexible terms on move-in ready workspaces.

The Workville portfolio features a coworking space with private offices and open desks located at 1412 Broadway and a brand new flexible office space building located at 315 West 35th Street. Centrally located in Midtown Manhattan, our locations make for an easy commute, steps from Times Square, Penn Station, Port Authority, and all major subways.

Our inspiring environment creates a friendly and productive space. Our design is ergonomic, sunny and airy, with walls of windows framing the workspaces. Members also enjoy spreading out to work from the lounges and outdoor spaces. 1412 Broadway features three terraces; 315 West 35th Street features a roof deck.

We take pride in being a boutique coworking space with a friendly, members-only community. We uniquely blend hospitality and productivity, which is why leading startups and businesses choose Workville. Our management style is hands-on, proactively solving your workspace needs. Let us know how we can help.

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Workville’s team is dedicated to your success and member experience is the priority. Workville has been named best co-working space by Buzzfeed, TravelMag, Manhattan Award Program, Coworker, VentureFizz and Joon.

Our Workspaces

1412 Broadway

New York, NY 10018

315 W 35th St

New York, NY 10001

1412 Broadway 21st floor
Coworking Space and Private Offices

  • Coworking space for teams & individuals

  • Offices 2 - 20 desks, dedicated & open desks

  • Flexible day pass

  • Move-in ready, flexible terms

  • Member cafes, lounges and Terraces

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Move-In ready

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Tech support

315 Broadway
Full Floor Flexible Offices

  • Flexible Office Space Building

  • Full Floor Private Offices, Teams of 40

  • Move-In Ready, Flexible Terms

  • Member Lounge & Outdoor Space

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Pricing built for you

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Move-In ready

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Tech support


Workville’s offices and shared spaces are sunny, modern, and welcoming. Scroll through to see more of 315 W. 35th street and 1412 Broadway.

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  • Full Floor, Private Office10 - 40 desks / 315 W 35th St
  • Large Private Office6 - 20 desks / 1412 Broadway
  • Private Office2 - 6 desks / 1412 Broadway
  • Dedicated or Open Seat1 desk / 1412 Broadway
  • Conference Room6 - 16 seats / Both locations available
  • Daypass or Flexible Membership1412 Broadway
  • Virtual Mail1412 Broadway Mailing Address

Meet Our Community

Where Talent Attracts Talent.

I don't think there are too many coworking spaces that will have the President or Owner literally give you the keys to their office to store your stuff. It's very much the coworking space that scales with you. The central location, natural light, and my 24 inch iMac are just a few reasons why I grow my business at Workville.

Zahir Dossa
Function of Beauty

We were one of the first people in the space…we explored a lot of options but the team here immediately engaged us, they understood what we were thinking about and when we would need more space in terms of scaling. It felt like they were part of the business by creating a space that all of our team can feel happy and confident in. They give you that dream office manager, thinking about things they can be doing for people in the space proactively.

Spencer Richardson

We wanted to be in a coworking space, we wanted something with a community and someplace where we could meet new people and have more of an entrepreneurial spirit and just enjoy work every day. Everyone’s always in a good mood, always working super hard, and everyone’s always really friendly.

Emily Knauer

The intimacy of the environment that the Workville team provides. We were also attracted to the space and the amenities.

Tina Gaffney