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NYC has 7,500 tech companies, $38.4 billion of investments!

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According to Crain’s, New York now has 7,500 tech companies fueled by $38.4 billion of investments supported by accelerators, incubators, meet-ups, and universities – a trend we experience from the front lines here in our coworking space. The tech sector has grown 60% over the past decade, now employing 120,000 people, and the number continues to grow steadily.

The time is ripe for New York’s tech boom. A few key factors make New York’s tech eco-system particularly special.

  1. Experienced executives understand mounting challenges facing legacy companies, and are branching out on their own to fix these holes. (Jon Steinberg formally of BuzzFeed founded Cheddar, Arianna Huffington former editor and chief of Huffington Post founded Thrive Global, Marcela Sapone and Jessica Beck over-scheduled Finance execs founded Hello Alfred, and the list keeps going.)
  2. Startup founders tend to be second generation entrepreneurs, which equates to fostering an effective, professional, culture of success in the companies they found.
  3. Silicon Valley entrepreneurs are coming home, creating a powerful Silicon Alley. Our friends over at Grand Central Tech summarized the migration back east by highlighting NYC’s diverse industries and culture: ” ‘In San Francisco, tech is the only conversation,’ said Matt Harrigan, who runs a no-equity accelerator called Grand Central Tech. ‘The richness and vibrancy of New York is calling to people.’ “
  4. New York entrepreneurs scale together, it’s a shared experience and tight-knit community where everyone’s value is appreciated. “Venture capitalists, founders and employees describe the New York tech culture as inclusive and tight-knit, perhaps because tech feels like the underdog twice over…They value me here.”
  5. The focus is on building great products, rather than worrying about IPOs and garnering media attention. Many experienced executives and second generation entrepreneurs know the pitfalls of focusing on Wall Street and shareholders rather than focusing on what really matters, what drives the bottom line: great product plus staying ahead of customer needs. “ ‘Some people say IPOs are not as important for New York tech companies. Because they pioneer new ways of doing business, they say, they will eventually be acquired by legacy companies at sky-high prices. [For example] Earlier this month pharmaceutical giant Roche paid $1.9 billion for complete ownership of Flatiron Health, whose technology could transform how doctors treat cancer. The total value of the agreement was $2.1 billion.’ ”

Our coworking space is part of this tech eco-system, home to experienced executives and second generation entrepreneurs. We scale with our members in what we term “shared growth”, which is the same philosophy as the NY tech scene.  As our growth stage startups expand quickly, we have the agility to expand with them – building larger offices, installing servers plus additional networking for them, helping onboard their new hires, and so on.

Similar to our talented members who are committed to developing the best of their industry (rather than focusing on media attention, short-term shareholder goals, and so on), we are steadfastly committed to ensuring each and every member has a productive, happy experience. Workville is in the unique situation in which our partners own the building. So, while we do receive outside offers for buyouts, expansion locations, and so on, we never let this hoopla deter us from our mission. Workville is building a special and productive shared office experience for NYC’s tech leaders.

Contact us to learn how Workville is a coworking space that supports your growth stage needs, and about the talented community, you will be working alongside. Email or call us at 646-982-0080.

coworking space members working in their office. talented community

Workville's shared office space

Take this Mad Lib’s Inspired Shared Office Space Quiz!

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Workville’s team is frequently asked the question, “As a company scales, should they stay in a shared office space or build-out their own office space?”

Workville's Shared Office space open desks

Our answer is simple: shared office space is to the future  what the internet was to the 90’s. Right now shared office space may feel like the wild west of Real Estate, but it will soon be the norm because it offers a flexible solution to office needs, and serves as a value-add to the everyday office experience.

Katie Couric and Bryant Gumbel circa 1994 trying to figure out what internet is and how to use the @ sign in email.

Now, office space is a serious investment and has a huge effect on a company’s productivity + bottom line, so assessing shared versus owned office space is an important question. Here at Workville, our job is to make your office life easier. This means helping you determine your company needs.

More importantly, our goal is to make decision-making more fun and less cumbersome. 🙂 What’s a better way to do that than a handy-dandy game of Mad Libs?!

Take this Mad Libs inspired quiz we created, and it will help your scaling company answer the conundrum of shared office versus own office space.

Here’s how to play: Fill in the blank by choosing an answer from the prompts listed below the blank. Ready, set, go!










What conclusions did you draw from your answers? Let us know if you have questions; we’ll help you assess coworking versus private office space based on your parameters!

Workville’s goal in providing shared office space is to support your everyday needs. You focus on the bottom line; we take care of the rest.




google office headquarters

Google Office Design is Out, Shared Office Space Design is In

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Remember when Google headquarters were the gold standard for workspace design? Change is underway again; open floorplans and playground style amenities are on their way out. Turns out workplace slides and kegs of beer are not helpful for the bottom line or for a flexible work schedule. So, with an increasing emphasis on work-life balance, the new workspace gold standard is shared office spaces with a modern, inspirational decor.

shared work space advances from Google office layout

Here’s some quick data:

68% of workers interviewed by Money Magazine say that the future of working will be flexible hours, and working remotely on scheduled days. This means the workspace needs an update – the office will feel empty if only part of a team is onsite every day!

Enter the shared office space; teammates who work on different days can simply share a desk. The benefit is efficiency of space and comadarie on the team. A shared office always has people and energy in the workspace rather than overcommitting to a large space that feels like a ghost-town – the aforementioned is key to both cost efficiency and productivity.

shared office space with modern decor

77% of people interviewed on LinkedIn said that design profoundly affects their state of mind, and art in particular increases their happiness. They favor modern industrial decor with a hybrid workspace layout. People like having a variety of spaces to work throughout the day. Large team offices foster that sense of commaderie and company culture, comfortable break-out areas are conducive for brainstorming and smaller team meetings, while private workspaces are ideal for confidential and focused meetings.

Technology is of course, a large factor driving shared office space – “it’s also influencing the footprint and construction of the areas in which we perform our work duties. As technology has shrunk and grown more mobile, it’s also shrunk our workplaces. The modern office is less likely to have large personal areas…and the workplace is becoming far less centralized — we’re having meetings all over the place now [taking] technology with us” – Forbes.

Workville members love our modern, hybrid layout. Email us to learn more about what members have to say about the benefits of Workville’s shared office space.

How Millennials Created CoWorking

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Workville coworking spaceCoworking spaces have become a big thing for ALL ages, and the first choice for many millennials.

In 2007, the United States had only 14 registered coworking spaces. The number has since skyrocketed, with over hundreds of thousands of coworking spaces opening across the globe, which equates to over 1.7 million choosing shared office spaces. With the numbers steadily increasing at a 41% compounded annual growth rate, all eyes are now on coworking. So, how did millennials kick-start this coworking trend?

  1. Choosing small enterprise or startups versus corporate – Unsure of the job market and unsatisfied with traditional job descriptions, many millennials choose startups or freelancing. Coworking spaces support their flexible lifestyle – offering cost-effective, flexible membership terms. Traditional commercial real estate leases are a daunting, long-term three – five-year commitment. Startups can scale and downsize at the drop of a hat, so the idea of a long-term commitment does not match the needs of their business model.
  2. Millenials embrace the shared economy – Shared offices are like the best of a Netflix and Uber experience: select a service plan based on your actual needs, share the cost of service with like-minded peers, in a user-friendly, comfortable environment.
  3. Networking and mentoring – Startups and small enterprises tend to be very lean, so the shared workspace is an opportunity for cross-communication and outsourcing.  Millenials also have the opportunity to interact with more seasoned professionals but without the intimidating office politics. This creates great mentor opportunities, and for seasoned professionals, a chance to connect and learn from a generation of innovative thinkers.
  4. Productivity over office politics – Coworking members enjoy a collegiate feeling in their workspace. Working around motivated, energetic people is infectious. Creativity and drive is the norm for the coworking atmosphere, which may explain why so many successful disruptors choose coworking.

coworking space trendsVisit midtown Manhattan coworking space to experience the new way of working. Our space supports the needs of growth-stage startups and thought-leaders.




New Year, New Press. Workville is Featured in TravelMag Best CoWorking Spaces!

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Nothing like starting the New Year with a feature in our favorite, TravelMag! Read below to see what they have to say about Workville’s coworking space. 

The nature of work is evolving, and one of the biggest changes is the number of self-employed and remote workers around the world. Of course, the stereotype of flat-white drinking, MacBook Air wielding hipsters huddled in cafes and coffee shop will be hard to shift, but one way in which freelancers are gaining a more ‘professional’ reputation is through the proliferation of co-working spaces, which can now be found in most major cities. At these venues, so-called communal desks and private offices are available for hourly, daily, monthly or annual rent, either for individuals or small companies, who then have access to all of the location’s amenities, as well as the chance to meet like-minded workers too.

Rated the number one Best Coworking Space in New York by Yelp, Workville has built a reputation for fostering the city’s most talented growth-stage startups. It is also one of the most luxurious co-working locations in the city, featuring spacious offices and open desks, along with sumptuous private terraces where you can kick back and relax, or even take your laptop if you prefer. With over 300 members, including a number of thought leaders and industry disrupters, this is certainly a space where people are focussed on success. The atmosphere is a harmonious mix of professional and friendly, largely due to the management team’s style which focuses on being hands-on and personable. To accommodate growing member demand, Workville recently launched a brand new floor exclusively for large-team offices with between 8 and 25 staff.

LOCATION 1412 Broadway. Members have 24/7 Access. Front Desk hours are Mon-Fri 9am-5pm. Closed Sat-Sun WEBSITE


Desks at the Workville co-working space (Photo: Leonardo Mascaro)

Thanksgiving Travel Tips From the Traffic Experts

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Charlie Brown Thanksgiving picture is the same sentiment as our midtown Manhattan coworking space.

Turkey for me, Turkey for you, it’s Turkey Time! It’s also time to plan ahead for the Thanksgiving commute; we’ll be departing from our Midtown Manhattan coworking space. Wherever you may be departing from, we compiled a list of traffic tips that will help you plan ahead. Tips are courtesy of data experts at Google and that handy Waze app they acquired back in 2013.

The Thanksgiving Drive…take the week off

The best travel time is Sunday at 6am, after which traffic congestion gets progressively worse.

The worst times for driving are Tuesday and Wednesday late afternoon, with traffic peaking Wednesday around 3pm. Surprisingly, traffic lightens on Wednesday after 6pm – so take the night owl route.

In New York City, traffic is the worst on the actual day of Thanksgiving, between 2 – 3pm. For anyone attending or avoiding the Macy’s Day Parade, here’s what to expect.

Best time for the return trip is Sunday; the worst time for the return trip is Saturday around 4pm.

So, based on these traffic patterns, the best option is to take off for the whole week! 😉

Charlie Brown Thanksgiving picture is the same sentiment as our midtown Manhattan coworking space.



The Thanksgiving Flight…

No surprise here, the worst time to fly is Wednesday morning and the worst day for return flights is Sunday. Data shows that Sunday’s flights are frequently plagued by delays and cancellations.

Thanksgiving Day and Monday morning are the recommended flight days – and these days also have the cheapest airfare.


Trains, Planes, Automobiles…

Back in May, Waze and the Port Authority announced a data sharing partnership. This means that real-time airport, bus terminal, bridge, and tunnel delays are reported on both the Waze app and the Port Authority app. Smartphones just got smarter.

For the 01%…

Private planes and helicopters are always an option too. Traffic problem solved.

If you want more tips, come visit us at our midtown Manhattan coworking space in 1412 Broadway or email us at! Now that travel plans are all set, we’re ready for the holiday spirit and that delicious Thanksgiving meal.

thanksgiving dinner meal that we're using our free time in our midtown Manhattan coworking space to plan for.

NYC Coworking members network effectively. Picture of group standing in line to shake hands.

Networking tips from NYC Coworking Members

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Workville members are busy disrupting all industries. Our NYC coworking space attracts the best of the best. Their success is a sum of all parts, including expert and agile teams, a clear company focus, strategic marketing, and quality networking to drive customer acquisition. We asked members the hard-hitting question: how do you achieve quality networking?

While a bragworthy amount of connections seems great, the real ROI is when your network understands what you do. Take LinkedIn as an example.  The most efficient LinkedIn users educate their network. Connections should understand your work well enough that they can do the 30-second pitch for you! Post company updates (job openings, awards, accomplishments, and so on). Also post helpful educational articles that are to likely get shared, an action which increases brand awareness for you.

When it comes to networking at events – time is money. Our share space members listed their top three favorite events this Fall, and explain why:

InBound 2017HubSpot’s huge event in Boston attracted over 20,000 attendees, which equates to a lot of handshaking and networking. It also had an impressive lineup of speakers, including Michelle Obama, Mario Batali, and Issa Rae. After listening to these speakers, networking is easy. Just mention which speaker you heard, what was funny or wise about the speaker, and that’s the conversation starter!

NYC coworking space cofounder drives in BMW i8 to TechWeek, pictures here with cofounder of DropCar.

Workville’s co-founder, DJ Dashti drives in style to TechWeek courtesy of DropCar.

TechWeek – A benefit of our NYC coworking space’s central location in midtown is the easy commute to events! TechWeek held panels, speaker series, and community events all over the city.

The Workville fan favorite event was open bar cocktail hour. Not because we’re all lushes (plead the fifth), but because it’s a chance to hang out with industry friends and fellow coworking members outside of the office. All of those “we should hang out sometime” invitations come to fruition during TechWeek.

StrtupBoost – Workville members know the StrtupBoost founder personally. He was a founding member; so full disclosure that this may be a biased favorite. StrtupBoost is a close-knit circle of quality attendees investing in learning, networking, and helping. Nine times out of ten, your contact will send that follow-up email and help with introductions.

To learn more about joining our talented community at Workville, in which networking is a natural experience, email

Streaming Netflix while you Work.

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Walk the halls of our coworking space and you’ll see some multi-taskers working on one computer, and streaming a TV show on another computer. We’re not judging, we’re impressed. It is incredible how technology changes TV watching patterns. Netflix is both the pioneer and industry leader for these changes. As of today, your Netflix subscription will also cost you a whole $1 more.

coworking space member works on one computer and watches Netflix on another computerNetflix produces hundreds of original series (House of Cards!!), and dozens of original movies, documentaries and comedy specials, which has largely attributed to their huge market share. They also smartly set expectations for the customer viewing experience, because streaming media and on-demand videos are not consistent experiences across all devices. So, as a customer, if you have that $7.99 service plan you can stream small definition on one screen at a time. $9.99 service plans enable users to stream in high definition on two devices at once. And for $11.99, users get 4K streaming and 4 devices.

Now we’re breaking the news – $7.99 plans will remain the same, $9.99 plans are jumping all the way up to $10.99 (insert wink), and $11.99 plans are increasing 16% to $13.99. Here’s where you should pay attention…the $13.99 plan is for 4K ultra HD TV and an internet connection fast enough for 4K.  It’s safe to say that Netflix is planning for the future, and they are assuming 4K will be more mainstream and in big demand sooner than we think.

Workville coworking members enjoy watching netflix and attending Netflix events like this one.

Here at Workville, our members in the coworking space are early adaptors and disruptors – we’ll let you know when 4K devices become the norm at Workville.

Feel free to contact if you’d like to take your own tour of our workspace.


The future is CoWorking

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Projections show that by the end of 2017, 1.23 million people will choose coworking space over traditional office space. Coworking space in NYC occupies about 9 million square feet, almost 10% of office space in NYC. Venture Capitalists, Wall Street, and major corporations are investing in the coworking trend while Forbes, Harvard Business Review, and major publications are analyzing coworking with the same fervor as opening day games.

Coworking space in NYC, picture is of Workville's loft style area with members workingIn addition to the obvious advantages (flexible lease terms + move-in ready offices) here are the top three reasons everyone is eyeing coworking:      

1. Meaningful Work – Entrepreneurs choose jobs they care about, which explains that electric buzz in the coworking atmosphere.

2. Collegiate environment – With so many intelligent people focusing on different kinds of work, shared offices feel like a top university.

3Collaboration – Because there is a range of companies under one roof, insular office politics and competitions are not relevant – infighting is a thing of the past, or for traditional offices. Members revel in an unspoken code of collaboration and common courtesy.

Workville’s coworking space is the best of NYC because of the talent we attract. We provide the city’s most talented disruptors and thought leaders a productive and friendly space to work. To learn more, signup here for a tour. 

coworking space office at Workville with members standing in it

wall of drones. in our NYC coworking space we know how important technology like drones are for recovery efforts.

Drones do Damage Control

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New York City is no stranger to hurricane disasters. Five years on, much of the City, its residents, and its businesses are still recovering from the devastation left by Hurricane Sandy. In the wake of Hurricane Harvey, experts rely on new technology to help rebuild: drones. Here’s how drones expedite recovery efforts, and a list of technology companies affiliated with Workville NYC’s co-working space that can also help.

drone flying in stormy gray sky as example of technology that can make a difference. Workville's NYC coworking space also has technology companies making a difference.

The FAA restricts airspace during natural disasters; drones are an exception to that rule. The FAA authorized 43 organizations in Houston to operate drones, including the following: oil and gas companies, insurance companies, media organizations, railroad, and first responders.

Drones capture a live feed so hazardous damage like collapsed infrastructure or oil and gas leaks can be analyzed from a safe distance, and experts can coordinate a response before ever entering an area. Also, for the first time ever, insurance companies are depending on live drone feeds to properly assess and handle insurance claims.

Last year, the FAA rolled out regulations for drones: drones can’t weigh more than 55 pounds, must stay 400 feet in the air, and cannot fly over densely populated areas. So this is the first time the rules and regulations have really been put to the test. Test passed. Drones are proving instrumental in speeding up recovery efforts.

Gold Sachs bar graph of drone sales projections over 8 years. Technology in NYC coworking spaces is on the rise.


Here at Workville, we are awed by the importance of technology in recovery efforts. Below are the companies affiliated with our NYC coworking space that are also  helpful resources:

  1. Telport Ninja – Document your home by filming a virtual tour before the storm hits, in case you need to submit an insurance claim after the storm. (Here’s an example of a virtual tour in our NYC coworking space. It’s a very detailed video experience.)
  2. Rapid SOS – Transformative technology, including wearables, can connect you to first responders and provide helpful direct data links from IoT and connected devices.
  3. Nuzzle – This is a waterproof GPS collar for your pet; the pet’s location is tracked through an app on your phone. Veterinary history can also be synced with the app, which is important for pets that are temporarily in shelters and foster care.
  4. Last but not least, while this is not affiliated with our midtown Manhattan office, we think it’s very important to know. Click here for the official FTC Hurricane guide.  

To learn more about the innovative work happening at Workville, contact us directly or click here for a tour

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