Workville’s mission is to support growth stage startups, disruptors, thought leaders, and world-class businesses with their everyday needs. We provide a productive, inspiring, friendly workspace. You focus on your bottom line.

Productivity begins with the central location. Attract the best talent from all over by offering an easy commute. Combine central location with outdoor space and sunset views, and a special sort of Workville magic happens. We call it the Workville vibe.

Décor starts with natural light; members enjoy working from sunny offices, desks and lounge spaces. We encourage members to spread out of their offices and enjoy the café and lounge spaces, it fosters creativity and productivity to move workstations throughout the day. We never overbook, the lounge perks are for members-only.

Inspiration comes from that feeling of pride the second you walk into a Workville building. Pride in your workspace, pride in your talented peer community, and pride knowing that you are part of an ecosystem that is seriously disrupting just about everything.

Support is always here for you. We’re invested in your success. The Community Team invests time in even those not-so-glamorous operational needs like tech assistance, office maintenance, orientation for new team members, and best-practice scaling tips.

Support also comes by way of the small moments –  sharing stories and laughs with the President, CoFounder and fellow members. You choose who and how you want to create the small, fun moments. The Community Team will create the fun pop-up experiences, including lunchtime samplings and smoothie tastings. Your success is our success too.

First impressions matter for your investor, client meeting, new hire, and for you as you start your day. ArtZealous curates an art gallery in the building lobby and on Workville’s walls. The art is both a subtle and powerful statement setting the tone that this is modern, professional, serious shared workspace, with a lighthearted vibe.

Working with Art Zealous is a special experience for the Workville team. ArtZealous is an arts media platform dedicated to reporting on the latest art stories, artists, trends and events shaping the art world. Workville’s walls bring to life the next generation of art from the most coveted art shows and galleries, strategically placed just where you need that pop of inspiration. The founder, Kristina Adduci, is also a Workville member. Kristina Adduci is invested in our success just as much as we are in hers.

This is just a behind-the-scenes sampling of what the member experience feels like. Workville’s boutique approach equates to organic growth; we’re scaling together. We offer flexible memberships to support your smart growth needs.

Click here to learn more about the amenities and membership experience. Workville is your space to create.