wall of drones. in our NYC coworking space we know how important technology like drones are for recovery efforts.

Drones do Damage Control

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New York City is no stranger to hurricane disasters. Five years on, much of the City, its residents, and its businesses are still recovering from the devastation left by Hurricane Sandy. In the wake of Hurricane Harvey, experts rely on new technology to help rebuild: drones. Here’s how drones expedite recovery efforts, and a list of technology companies affiliated with Workville NYC’s co-working space that can also help.

drone flying in stormy gray sky as example of technology that can make a difference. Workville's NYC coworking space also has technology companies making a difference.

The FAA restricts airspace during natural disasters; drones are an exception to that rule. The FAA authorized 43 organizations in Houston to operate drones, including the following: oil and gas companies, insurance companies, media organizations, railroad, and first responders.

Drones capture a live feed so hazardous damage like collapsed infrastructure or oil and gas leaks can be analyzed from a safe distance, and experts can coordinate a response before ever entering an area. Also, for the first time ever, insurance companies are depending on live drone feeds to properly assess and handle insurance claims.

Last year, the FAA rolled out regulations for drones: drones can’t weigh more than 55 pounds, must stay 400 feet in the air, and cannot fly over densely populated areas. So this is the first time the rules and regulations have really been put to the test. Test passed. Drones are proving instrumental in speeding up recovery efforts.

Gold Sachs bar graph of drone sales projections over 8 years. Technology in NYC coworking spaces is on the rise.


Here at Workville, we are awed by the importance of technology in recovery efforts. Below are the companies affiliated with our NYC coworking space that are also  helpful resources:

  1. Telport Ninja – Document your home by filming a virtual tour before the storm hits, in case you need to submit an insurance claim after the storm. (Here’s an example of a virtual tour in our NYC coworking space. It’s a very detailed video experience.)
  2. Rapid SOS – Transformative technology, including wearables, can connect you to first responders and provide helpful direct data links from IoT and connected devices.
  3. Nuzzle – This is a waterproof GPS collar for your pet; the pet’s location is tracked through an app on your phone. Veterinary history can also be synced with the app, which is important for pets that are temporarily in shelters and foster care.
  4. Last but not least, while this is not affiliated with our midtown Manhattan office, we think it’s very important to know. Click here for the official FTC Hurricane guide.  

To learn more about the innovative work happening at Workville, contact us directly or click here for a tour

Workville’s President Wins 33 Under 33 Award

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Earlier this month, Worville’s President won a StrtUpBoost 33 Under 33 Award. Congrats, Sue!

The 33 Under 33 Awards serve as an opportunity to acknowledge the achievements of some of the best, most innovative individuals currently doing business in the New York City startup space.

Nominations came from members of the startup community, who then voted in 11 different categories: B2B Tech, B2C Tech, Venture Capitalist, Developer/Dev Shop, Fortune 500 & Professionals Integrated with Startup Ecosystem, Social Media, Marketing, Community Organization and Events, and Legal & Accounting.

Workville’s President Sue won in the Community Development category for fearlessly transitioning from a career in fashion to running one of NYC’s greatest coworking spaces and working as an integral force in NYC’s startup community. Sue is committed to helping startups grow their business, network effectively, and develop products to make the world a better place.

Without Sue, Workville would not be the successful ecosystem it is today. At its core, Workville is the warm, hospitable NYC office space that it is because of Sue. We’re so proud of her and the hard work she’s done to grow and develop the coworking community of New York City. Congrats, Sue!

If you’re curious to see how Workville is different than other NYC coworking and office spaces, please schedule a tour and find out!

Workville Member Spotlight: Zyp Home Cleaning

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Introducing, one of Workville’s newest members, Zyp home cleaning.

Unlike the other cleaning/task apps out there, Zyp allows you to customize your cleaning service the way you want it; you only pay for what you need to be done. You can book a cleaning for a single room (bathroom, bedroom, or living room) starting at $24.99, up to an entire home cleaning. And quoted rates include all cleaning supplies.

There are customizable options too, for those simple but cumbersome chores like fridge clean-out our hand-washing dishes.

The business model is scalable because Zyp App works well for both the individual and neighborhood alike (whether it be your building or your block). Zypp App works from apartment to apartment, house to house, servicing each customized request.

Hailing from Boston with a stronghold on that market, Zyp is now expanding into NYC.

The founders of Zyp are not only the newest members of Workville, they are also the youngest. At only 23 they have already gone through the Lumos 10-week accelerator.

Book a Zyp home cleaning today and receive 10% off your first cleaning with the referral code: NYCLAUNCH

We’re thrilled to welcome Zyp as a member company to Workville, our Midtown coworking and office space. But it’s much more than just office space. Workville can only be defined by our members. Companies like Zyp, Function of Beauty, and Lampix VR, for example. It’s these companies that make Workville the best NYC coworking space today.

If you’d like to visit the coworking and office space at Workville NYC, please schedule a tour.

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple… Is It Too Late to Invest in Cryptocurrencies?

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When Bitcoin was invited and first premiered in 2010, it’s individual value was less than one cent. Today, a single Bitcoin is worth $2,600. No wonder there are more and more cryptocurrencies coming online.

Ethereum, released just two years ago, has a current value of $20 billion coins in circulation. Ripple, known as XRP, has been around for five years now has increased in value over 3000% this year, according to Business Insider. And there are literally hundreds of other, smaller, lower-value cryptocurrency coins available.

And it seems that millennials, who are perhaps reacting to an untrustable market since 2008’s crash, are opting to invest in cryptocurrency over mutual funds or the stock market. And why not? After all, if you had bought just $100 in BitCoin seven years ago, you’d now have $260,000. If you had purchased $100 of Ethereum in January of this year, you’d now be able to sell for nearly $3,000.

Even Bill Gates supports BitCoin!

So, why not? Why not invest?

Well, there have been some substantial crashes within the BitCoin market. And recently, Ethereum took a dive after false rumors of its founder’s death in a car crash. He’s alive and well.

In China, there’s yet another leader of the cryptocurrency market: Neo, as reported in Inc.

We all know how NYC Coworking Spaces can act like incubators for all sorts of brilliant ideas, ranging from cryptocurrency to transportation solutions, and everything in between. Here at Workville, we aim to support innovation not only through providing professional workspace across two floors but also through our hospitality and network. Every day we have VCs meeting with members, new companies staffing up, and now larger, private office suites for our growing cohort of startups.

But don’t take our word for it, come visit one of NYC’s best coworking spaces for yourself!

Penn Station Repairs Halfway Finished

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Emergency repair work on the tracks and switches at New York’s Pennsylvania Station is more than halfway finished, with 12 of the 20 planned repairs completed, according to data from Amtrak in a report published on Friday.

Of the remaining eight repairs, four are in progress. And all are scheduled to be completed by September 4th, Labor Day.

For the last three weeks, many commuters from Long Island, New Jersey, and elsewhere who commute to Penn Station have been forced to use buses, ferries, and other trains, sometimes all three, to make their way into Manhattan. For some, it’s a joy to ride a boat across the Hudson river. For others, what was originally a calm, 45-minute commute, has become a two-hour journey involving up to four transfers.

But the emergency repair work is coming along and should be completed on schedule.

Many of our member companies here at Workville commute to their office space via Penn Station. Workville’s midtown office location is ideal for commuters. Workville is just blocks from Penn Station, Times Square, Port Authority, as well as 16 MTA train lines. Workville is quite literally in the center of it all!


If you’re looking for a convenient office space in NYC, or a coworking space in Midtown, schedule a visit to see what Workville is all about.

New York to Washington in 29 Minutes: Elon Musk’s Hyperloop

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Yesterday morning, Elon Musk tweeted something very interesting, something that may very well change the lives of thousands of commuters and travelers of the Eastern Seaboard.

But what does it really mean?

A statement from the White House reads: “We have had promising conversations to date, are committed to transformative infrastructure projects and believe our greatest solutions have often come from the ingenuity and drive of the private sector.”

Musk elaborated further in following tweets: “City center to city center in each case, with up to a dozen or more entry/exit elevators in each city,” he wrote.

Current transportation options include driving from Washington to New York (5 hours), Amtrak’s Acela express (3 hours), and a nonstop flight from JFK to DCA (1 hour). Not only will Musk’s Hyperloop cut that time in half but that’s not even considering any transportation time between the airport and your city-center destination?

What does this mean for the startup environment? Certainly more access to markets, clients, opportunity… in regards to NYC coworking spaces, well, there’s an immediate opportunity for startups based in Baltirmore or DC to quickly and easily take office space in midtown manhattan where Workville is located, city center to city center in 29 minutes!

NYC coworking spaces could potentially network with coworking spaces in other cities. Your Workville office and coworking space could be your home base in New York City, while you may still live in D.C.

The future of transportation is coming, and coming quickly. To our followers in Baltimore and D.C., we’ll see you soon!

As Uber Stumbles, Lyft Keeps Calm and Carries On

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As reported in The New York Times, Uber’s CEO recently resigned under pressure from investors after a string of setbacks. As Uber regroups and rethinks its leadership, what does this mean for its competitor Lyft?

“For a while, people kept saying, ‘Oh, they’re the nice guys, they’re not going to build the right business because there’s someone that’s more aggressive,’” John Zimmer, Lyft’s president, said in a recent NYT article.

Founded in 2012, Lyft built itself around the idea that customers didn’t want just a cheap ride, they wanted a wholesome experience, with “a whiff of virture,” reports the NYT. “The fact that values matter and ethics matter does not surprise me,” Zimmer said. “To me, that’s obvious.”

The company says it arranged more than 70 million rides in the first quarter of this year, 142 percent more than the same period a year earlier. In April, the company closed a $600 million fund-raising round, and it has since formed major partnerships with companies like Jaguar Land Rover and Waymo.

As this shakeup at Uber plays out, we’ll see how the two rival transportation tech companies fare in an increasingly competitive market. At a surface level, in business and investment, one may argue that “nice guys finish last.”

But perhaps that’s not the case here.

Do you use Lyft? Have you ever not used Uber because of scandals or leadership statements?

At Workville, one of numerous coworking spaces in New York City, we aim to differentiate ourselves in many ways, including a personal touch from our staff to our members, helping them with whatever they may need: introductions, internships, investment… We’re here for our members. We pride ourselves on our hospitality, and genuinely care about you and your business.

Our midtown coworking space is only as successful as the companies we host – that’s the truth.

If you’d like to come see for yourself, schedule a visit.

1,000 Followers on Facebook and Instagram

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At Workville, as you may know, we’re all about face-to-face experiences: helping each other in real time, in real life, right here in the heart of New York City. We love our community and we truly believe the startups working with us in our office space are the best startups in NYC.

Our office space and coworking space in Manhattan is pretty nice, if we may say so ourselves, but it’s the people and companies working here that make it such a great place to spend our time.

Companies like Lampix or Function of Beauty or Show-Score are just a few of the successful, growing startups we chat with everyday.

That said, it’s nice to have a digital community to engage across social media. And today, we’re proud to say we’ve reached over 1,000 followers on Facebook and Instagram! Thank you! Thanks to everyone, both IRL and online!

Follow us @WorkvilleNYC

It’s Official: Workville Doubles Its Space

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Yes, it’s true! As reported in The Real Deal, Workville has taken over the previous Grind office space on the 22nd floor of 1412 Broadway where it will expand to offer office space and coworking memberships tailored for larger teams and growing startups.

This new Midtown Manhattan office space will add 14,000 square feet across the full 22nd floor, bringing Workville’s total in the building to 28,000 square feet.

The Real Deal reports: “Notably, the startup is replacing a competing shared-office space company, Grind, which closed the location and gave the space back to the landlords earlier this year, with several years remaining on the lease.  Sources had said at the time that Grind butted heads with Chetrit and Workville, in which Aini is an investor.”

Furthermore, WorkBetter is closing its 21,000-square-foot space at 1440 Broadway after 10 years.

Workville’s Co-Founder, DJ Dashti said the recent string of closures of co-working locations is a “natural correction.”

Visit Workville to see the expansion in person! 

Workville Member Spotlight: George Popescu of Lampix VR/AR

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At Workville we are extremely excited about the future uses of virtual reality and augmented reality. There’s so much potential! And one company on the forefront of this new technology is Workville’s own Lampix. Lampix transforms any surface into a smart surface.

Recently, we chatted with Lampix CEO, George Popescu, about the future of this incredible technology and how companies like his are leading the VR/AR revolution.

Having just launched a year and a half ago, the whole concept was to make something that would allow someone to work with paper and surfaces the same way that we work with electronic documents. “My co-founder just imagined it,” George Popescu says. “He gave a talk at TEDx about User Interfaces of the future and built Lampix.”

Last March, Lampix won the 2017 SXSW Accelerator Pitch Competition for Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.

Of course, they quickly realized there was so much more to this product. “I engaged with Mihai Dumitrescu, our CTO and our other co-founder early, before he had a fully working Lampix,” Popescu says. “So we built it together. My role is the business side.”

Popescu, is Romanian, raised in France, and now living in NYC. Having such a worldview of business and entrepreneurship is extremely valuable. “Romania is very dynamic and entrepreneurs are very innovative and imaginative, also very technical which means they create real value,” he says. “But they are struggling with resources of all types. But it’s improving fast. France is also very dynamic. The problem there is the mentality, people see obstacles and people are risk-averse. The United States has no comparison in the entire world. People like taking risks and trying to win big. That is the main component in entrepreneurship. And entrepreneurs are also taken seriously.”

With three Master’s Degrees, Popescu isn’t exactly an example of a this often celebrated avatar of the self-taught, lean entrepreneur. He truly believes in formal education. “I think it’s more and more necessary,” he says. “It gives you a base of knowledge and a a core piece that is necessary no matter what you do. You hardly use what you learn in college but that’s not the point. You had to learn how to read, yes? Same thing, if you don’t know basics about anything it’s like not knowing how to read.”

And certainly VR/AR will disrupt and improve the educational experience, among other industries. “Entertainment, training, shopping, collaboration…” Popescu says. “I think VR is for isolated experiences in your basement. I think AR is for experiences in your living room, dining, room, kitchen , shops, factories, everywhere.”

As the CEO of a tech startup, working at NYC’s Workville coworking space in midtown Manhattan, what does it take to get off the ground and up and running?

“Find a customer first,” Popescu says. “Someone who is ready to pay for your product or service. If they are not willing to pay, they don’t need it. And while it’s nice to try to guess what they can pay for, that is not enough. You need to have in hand an email or paper that says ‘If you have that, I’ll buy it for X.’”

Lampix certainly has proven they have that product. And they continue to explore its versatility from their office space at Workville NYC. “I like the location and the relaxed attitude of the Workville team: can do, will do, easy, and no pressure,” Popescu says. “Other companies like WeWork have a pressure sales attitude that turned me off.”

If he’s not in the office fielding inquiries and developing partnerships with Fortune 500 companies, you may find him at Lan Sheng on 36th Street. It seems that many Workville coworking and startup members enjoy Lan Sheng!

Next time you’re in midtown Manhattan stop by Workville for a tour, and then hit Lan Sheng for their lunch special.

To learn more about Lampix, visit Lampix.co

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