It’s not always easy to find the time to gather face-to-face with your team these days, but there are many benefits to in-person teamwork as an effective way to keep up team morale. 

For a large majority of companies, every part of their workday has moved into working in a digital world. We do our work via email, project management platforms, phone, and Zoom calls. This has led to a large group of people working more than ever outside the office with a large part of this group working remotely more often than they work face-to-face. 

The benefits of in-person teamwork are easy to overlook, but they’re crucial to maintaining productivity. In-person meetings allow you to get up and move around while brainstorming ideas, catching someone’s eye for a quick chat, or taking a break from your desk.

It can also help employees feel connected to the company and provide stronger representation. 

In a recent study, over 60% of the participants said they work better when in person. They reported increased creativity and motivation, as well as a boost in productivity.

Time Warner Cable’s CEO, Rob Marcus, said that the company had seen a 20 percent increase in productivity since they introduced a company-wide policy of working from coworking spaces where they book conference rooms or dedicated spaces to bring their team together.

In addition to this, most coworking spaces and conference room rentals offer networking opportunities with people from different industries and this can be beneficial for companies looking to grow their client base.

Though most companies may not be able to offer their employees that option, it can be beneficial for them to attend regular events where they can meet new people and gain access to the expertise of others or collaborate in the same space.

It’s important to remember that humans are social creatures and there’s a huge benefit to working face-to-face which is why in-person teamwork is beneficial for both the company and the employees.

Knowing the value of bringing teams together for productivity, we have launched our brand new conference room and meeting room in NYC.

If you’re looking for a coworking space that is as agile as you, look no further than Workville. Our office spaces for rent are designed with your brand identity in mind.  We have small and large offices for teams of all sizes. Collaborative meeting rooms for all occasions. Membership perks and amenities will elevate your membership experience. Why do a traditional lease, when a shared office can provide flexible terms for any type of company? Come drop by our midtown location and see why some of the most successful companies rent office space with us. We will make sure to give you a space most appropriate for you.

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Meeting Rooms & Conference Rooms

 Meeting Rooms & Conference Rooms

A unique meeting space created with today’s flexible companies in mind.  This conference room offers an open and safe environment for meetings, work sessions, off-sites or just to reconnect with your team members. With open ventilation, multi-use work zones, and access to our common spaces, we know you and your team will love our meeting room solutions.

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