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Steps to plan a holiday party in NYC _ Event Space Meeting Venue

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Organizing a private corporate holiday party in Midtown Manhattan can be a fantastic way to celebrate the season with your colleagues and team members. Midtown offers a wide range of venues that can accommodate large groups and provide a festive atmosphere. Here are some steps to help you plan your private corporate holiday party in Midtown:

  1. Budget and Guest List:
    • Determine your budget for the event and the number of guests you plan to invite. This will help you narrow down your venue options.
  2. Choose a Date and Time:
    • Select a date and time that works for your team. Keep in mind that popular venues may get booked up quickly during the holiday season, so try to plan ahead.
  3. Venue Selection:
    • Consider the type of venue you want for your event. Midtown Manhattan offers a variety of options, including upscale restaurants, event spaces, hotels, and rooftop bars. Some popular venues for large corporate holiday parties in Midtown include:
      • OASIS Rooftop: Known for its stunning views of the city, this rooftop bar offers private event spaces for large groups.
      • The Copacabana Times Square: This iconic nightclub and event space in Times Square can accommodate large parties and offers various entertainment options.
      • Bryant Park Grill: Located near Bryant Park, this restaurant offers private dining rooms and a festive atmosphere.
      • The Rainbow Room: Situated at Rockefeller Center, this upscale venue provides a classic New York City experience with stunning views and elegant décor.
  4. Catering and Entertainment:
    • Plan your menu and entertainment options. Many venues in Midtown offer in-house catering services, but you can also consider hiring a catering company to tailor the menu to your preferences. Entertainment options can include live bands, DJs, or themed activities.
  5. Decorations and Theme:
    • Choose a holiday theme and decorate the venue accordingly. This can include festive decorations, centerpieces, and even a photo booth for guests to capture memories.
  6. Transportation and Accommodations:
    • Ensure that transportation options are convenient for your guests, especially if some are coming from out of town. Additionally, consider whether any guests may need accommodations and provide information on nearby hotels.
  7. Invitations and RSVPs:
    • Send out invitations well in advance and request RSVPs to get an accurate count of attendees.
  8. Plan for Safety:
    • Be mindful of any COVID-19 restrictions or safety guidelines in place at the time of your event. Make arrangements for sanitation and safety measures as needed.
  9. Photography and Videography:
    • Consider hiring a photographer or videographer to capture the moments and memories from the holiday party.
  10. Have a Backup Plan:
    • Be prepared for unexpected changes in weather or circumstances, especially if your event is outdoors or includes outdoor elements.

Remember that Midtown Manhattan is a popular destination for holiday parties, so it’s important to book your venue and other services well in advance to secure your preferred date and options. Planning early will help ensure a successful and memorable corporate holiday party for your team.


OASIS was created with your privacy, productivity, and your company’s personal goals in mind. Every OASIS floor features your own private floor, open desk workstations, conference areas with 65-inch display monitors, a kitchenette, a lounge, a cafe area, and two private bathrooms and Rooftop access.

Guests can customize their experience with our exclusive catering or choose to do their own. Multiple floors can be booked to accommodate guests of 20 – 75. OASIS is perfect for your on-demand private office, company off-site meeting, brainstorming session, training session, executive meetings, and professional events, especially filming productions and photoshoots. OASIS Rooftop is perfect for any private gathering or special occasion.

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Teamwork is a fan favorite here. Members use it for managing projects from start to finish because it creates a clear workflow across functions. The platform streamlines information into one management system, integrates with other applications, and is intuitive to use. Collaborators can easily add files, images, feedback and most importantly for productivity, can easily track the status. For our satellite office members, this centralized information flow is really important – they frequently work with teams based on the West Coast or abroad.

We use Teamwork for web development projects; collaborators include the Workville team, our member Bklyn Co, and his graphic design teams based in Dublin and Moscow. Anecdotally, Teamwork makes project management feel seamless, so we sometimes forget that our collaborators are based all over the world, working from different time zones. We are guilty of calling the Dublin team at 4am (their time) just to say “love the status update and new design!”. Whoops, early am is not the best time for a compliment. So buyer beware, the one thing Teamwork can’t streamline is different time zones. 😉


 Grammarly is like Word 10.0. It’s a writing assistant tool powered by AI. We had the privilege of seeing the founder pitch at Israeli Pitch Day; it was one of those aha moments when we knew we had just met the next unicorn.

Our members use Grammarly to ensure all documents and emails are professional, without any spelling or grammatical errors. Schools and universities recommend Grammarly as a real-time educational tool. The platform recaps mistakes, explains grammar rules or spelling context pertaining to the mistake and makes vocabulary enhancement suggestions.

Members give Grammarly a thumbs-up because it’s like having a personal editor plus English teacher, which is especially helpful for anyone whom English is a second language.



Team Huddle is not a tool per say, it’s an ethos. In our community, almost every company uses the Team Huddle approach. Whether it’s a daily or weekly huddle, the goal is to review project status, add clarity to any steps, and to problem solve.

Our blockchain companies choose to have one person lead the huddle (the project lead), while our adtech companies choose a more interactive approach in which everyone provides a status update. The huddle format is what makes these meetings effective – stay standing and keep the meeting between 10 – 20 minutes max. Standing-up helps keep the meeting short and to the point.

Team Huddle’s are a check-in meeting to enhance productivity. Adding new projects or extra talking points deters from productivity. The term “team huddle” is inspired by Football huddles, which are timed and focus only on the next plays in the game.  So, our members recommend that if you feel the huddle getting off track or going overtime, jump in as the team quarterback, wrap up the meeting. Conclude a good huddle with clearly defined action steps and motivators.

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Workville’s Meeting Rooms offers entrepreneurs, individuals, and small businesses affordable business solutions including meeting rooms, day offices, conference rooms, and coworking spaces. Workville’s full-service meeting rooms and facilities come fully equipped with state-of-the-art technology for all your company’s needs.

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