There are multiple sized large offices on our private 22nd floor, ranging in size from 6 to 50 desks. Offices are move-in ready with flexible terms.

The 22nd floor was designed to feel like a private club. Home to growth-stage startups and disruptor companies, this floor has a welcoming, inspiring buzz of productivity. Predominately all of the offices have large windows, featuring views of Midtown Manhattan, Hudson Yards, and Times Square. Sunlight streams through to the interior offices as well; the entire floor is designed to feel sunny and airy. Members also enjoy spreading out throughout the day to work from any of the lounge spaces and the three outdoor terraces. 

Feel free to organize, brand, and decorate your office however you choose! We’re here to support you with advice and best practices from member experiences.

Move-in ready features include ergonomic furniture, wifi and ethernet ports, and 24/7 access in a luxury doorman building. Based on popular demand, offices on the 22nd Fl also feature standing desks. 

For your important meetings or calls, feel free to reserve any of the multiple size conference rooms and phone booths. Members also enjoy spreading out throughout the day to work from cafes, lounges, and the three outdoor terraces.

Our team is here to support your scaling needs; let us know how we can help!



Fun Fact: the 22nd floor was designed with our founding members. They asked us to design more space for their growing teams, and we did just that, based on their design feedback. The floor features offices along the perimeter, adjacent to two lounge spaces and a cozy cafe.

As member companies scale, they choose a variety of ways to expand their workspace. Members have done everything from adding an additional office, adding dedicated desks outside of their office, and combining adjacent offices by popping out the glass.

We are in awe of our members’ monumental success. We’re dedicated to listening to your feedback as we support your growth.

Let us know what type of office you are looking for; we’re here to help!