We know how important it is for teams to safely come together.

We want everyone to feel cared for the minute they enter Workville. That has always been our commitment but now it is more important than ever. We also want to help your new normal feel as seamless as possible.

Outlined below are Workville’s safety standards – increased sanitization, reduced capacity in shared spaces, added behavioral signage, frequently changing HVAC filters, opening windows, and more. If you have any questions at all please don’t hesitate to contact us

Workville 6-desk private office


SOCIAL DISTANCING  Icon of people in a group

Masks are required in all shared spaces, including the building lobby, elevators, and hallways. Capacity in shared spaces has been reduced by 50%. Hand sanitizers are placed throughout the workspace and building. Below are additional measures to ensure social distancing:

  • Walk Clockwise: To help ensure social distancing in the hallways, members are guided to walk clockwise. Arrows will be placed throughout the hallways as a gentle reminder of which direction to walk and to keep 6′ distance.
  • Stagger Lunch Hours: Designated lunch hours are 11am – 2pm by reservation only via our member portal. Tables will be disinfected before and after each reservation. Plexiglass dividers are added to cafe tables available for lunch.
  • 50% Seating Reduction in Shared Spaces: Seats were removed from the cafes, conference rooms, and lounges in order to limit headcount at any given time.
  • Elevator Max Capacity is 4-people: The building elevators are a 4-people max capacity. Members are welcome to contact us to determine how to stagger their “rush” hours.
  • HVAC Filters Changed Regularly & Fresh Air: HVAC filters are changed regularly. Windows will be kept open to allow for fresh air circulation. We also encourage our members to open their windows and to enjoy working outside on the terraces.

Workville coworking space terrace



The following guidelines are for contact tracing and limiting headcount.

  • Visitors:  All visitors to Workville must be pre-registered with their contact details via our member portal. Temperatures will be taken at check-in.
  • Food Deliveries: Food delivery must be picked up outside of the building. Catering services are permitted through the freight elevator but must be pre-registered via our member portal.
  • Tours: Pre-scheduled on-site tours or virtual tours are available with our CEO. Simply let us know which format you prefer!
  • Events are Suspended: Members are welcome to host events when the time is right, but for now, all events are suspended.


Workville’s team is frequently disinfecting throughout the day. Here’s what to expect:

  • More frequent disinfecting: Shared spaces and surfaces are disinfected frequently. HVAC filters are changed regularly. Fruit water stations have been suspended; coffee and other essential cafe amenities are still available and cleaned frequently.
  • Reservation-only spaces: Reserved seating (Conference Rooms, Phone Booths, Open Desks, and Cafe tables) are disinfected before and after the booking.

Workville coworking space cafe

Updates will continue to be posted to this page. 

Contact to learn more or if you have any questions.