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In short, the answer is yes. Our coworking space location is now described as Silicon Alley.  Our Midtown Manhattan neighborhood is experiencing an influx of technology driven companies and fast-casual restaurants. Which is pretty exciting for lunch time breaks – yes please to WitchCraft, Lukes Lobster, Mexique, Sushirito, and the list goes on!

The question remains though, what happened to the Garment District?

According to an article published in Crain’s, “the number of Garment workers has declined by 83{4fc7c18b45bb3ca206250eb9042b2a89ae65f7a25a3279e991ff45e5d9c4f9ea} [since 1984],” largely due to the globalization of the marketplace. Fashion companies used to occupy about 1 million square feet of office space in Midtown Manhattan. The fashion industry is feeling the pressure of displacement; their ecosystem depends on designers, wholesalers, showrooms, and buyers working in close proximity. So, the Mayor’s office and Economic Development Corp are planning to recreate a 200,000 square feet Garment District in the Industrial Space of Sunset Park, Brooklyn. This is also part of a larger South Brooklyn revitalization plan. We’re willing to bet SoBo will be the new place to know.

Workville's loft style coworking space. Memers working from desks. Every seat is taken. Laptops and books on the tables.

Midtown Manhattan is emerging as the epicenter for disruptors and tech companies because of the central location. It’s an easy commute with easy access to ALL public transportation. This is important for attracting talent from all over. (Brooklyn, New Jersey, Long Island, Harlem, Connecticut, Uptown, Downtown…)

When we first opened Workville in February 2016, we understood the importance of a centrally located coworking space. Location was our foundation for attracting talent. Next, we set-out to foster a welcoming environment for growing startups and thought leaders. The perks of having three terraces and natural sunlight are added bonuses to the member experience.

We’ve quickly become a leading coworking space in NYC, attracting the best-of-the-best. Every day we see the neighborhood around us become better and better too, with Summer Streets on our front stoop, Hudson Yards opening soon, and Bryant Park’s hub of entertainment and pop-up markets.

Want to be a part of the leading community, centered in the hub of disruption and growth? Contact the Workville team at info@Workvillenyc.com to learn more about the best coworking space in NYC.

Workville's coworking terrace. In conversation and one man is looking at his phone. Both men are in early 30's and very hipster looking - one with bear and one with long hair. Table with red chairs in the forefront.



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