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Photo of the lounge area and open space desks in front of the door leading to the outdoor terrace on our 21st Floor.

Let’s face it. We’ve all been hearing about the new covid variant and what it could mean for our return to office plans.

But despite this, the popularity and the amount of people returning to coworking spaces has only been on the rise, projected to grow to as much as 1.08 million workers by 2022, according to a ZDNet article.

While we’ve slowly adapted to working from home, it’s hard to deal with the burnout from the lack of boundaries of home life and a work-life, especially when it comes to finding a suitable, private, and uninterrupted space for meetings. Workville can help you find a coworking space built for you, for maximum coordination and privacy in a collaborative and motivating environment, prioritizing you — your safety, and your needs.

In the end, only you can know what is best for yourself. But regardless of what you choose to do, Workville will be waiting to provide those for you when you decide to return. We have incredible meeting rooms, conference rooms, and the best team collaboration rooms in NYC. For more tips and information, visit the article inspiring this post.

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