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We frequently hear the questions “What differentiates Workville’s coworking space in Midtown Manhattan” and “What is the day-to-day like in your coworking space”? So when we stumbled across an article by our member, Jay Mandel, we were astounded by his eloquence in answering these questions.

Jay is known for his incredible brand marketing skills, both with his current company The Collective and previous experiences at Mastercard, so we always look forward to exceptional writing from him, but what really floored us is that he wrote this Workville article on his own accord.

It’s a testament to how much Workville operates like a private club – we care about our members, going above and beyond to support their successes, and the feeling is reciprocated. Moreover, we’ve always believed that talent attracts talent, and clearly, our members agree. Workville has organically grown to become a hub of productivity where like-minded disruptors and innovators achieve success.

Read Jay Mandel’s article below to see what he has to say about the everyday experience at Workville.

Sharing a workspace; not mine but ours

The constant turning of pages and hitting of keyboard keys creates a trance; the sound of distant murmuring and momentary chuckles are a part of the atmosphere – when I look up from my computer screen, I find myself in a room filled with people.

I focus on the work at hand, and that’s when I realize how much I’ve gotten used to the sounds around me. And that this is precisely what it’s like working in a shared space that is colorful and interactive.

Workville coworking space Midtown Manhattan

Making magic happen at Workville, my co-working space.

Entirely different from a typical “9 to 5” work environment, the place is devoid of a mechanical appeal. What people do here requires creativity and enthusiasm, something that can only be achieved in a space that liberates the mind. That is the magic of co-working.

People here do not work to get promoted but to enhance their skills and abilities.

Here you are sitting, working, laughing, sharing and absorbing everything around you! It is an environment like this that gives freelancers and entrepreneurs the motivation to start something great.

The tingling rush in the atmosphere and calculated footsteps excite the senses to improvise and adapt. Your productivity increases as different cultural backgrounds and educational qualifications fill the air with so many different stories of people, each of who has something interesting to share.

I have made my co-working space part of my brand because it embodies exactly we are trying to create at The Collective NYC. The place is full of collaboration, curiosity and candor. I was introduced to Workville by The Collective NYC Member, Shane Lennon, who has worked here for years. And Shane was introduced to me by Cathy Mulrow-Peattie, a friend, colleague from Mastercard and The Collective NYC member.

The other week, I overheard someone next to me talking about her new product, now she is my client. And this is not a typical client relationship since we see each other every few days, there are friendliness and camaraderie that is sure to produce a long-lasting partnership and friendship. People often do that here; everyone has their own unique skill, and there’s always something a working neighbor can help you with.

Then there’s Sabrina Lam, she’s the community manager, who is always there for me to take a picture with friends, clients and visitors. Pretty soon I will need to give her royalties taking so many amazing photos like the one above and many you can see on The Collective NYC’s Instagram account.

Things work wonderfully well like this. It inspires everyone to explore and experiment just so they can take a few steps towards some fantastic new opportunities. Sitting with all these people is exciting but a little challenging as well, in a good way though; it keeps everyone on their toes. You learn to become more flexible and to adjust and compromise a little.

All this can be yours without burning a hole in your pocket. Why pay extra for internet, copies, conference rooms when it can be a part of your rent? Why settle for a private office when you can sit anywhere – even on the terrace. They are also quiet enough for you to enjoy improved communication and networking with your clients with accessible conference rooms & phone booths for private calls. And when you grow and need an office, that’s as easy stepping in to see DJ Dashti, the very accessible Co-Founder or chatting with Sue Bernstock, President and COO, who sits in the open space with the rest of us.

But there’s more, collaborative workspaces also have lounge areas that allow co-workers to bond over a cup of coffee in a less intimidating setting. Then, you get to organize meetings and seminars and workshops that give a chance to exchange ideas and opinions. This not only helps increase knowledge but step into someone else’s shoes and gain indirect experience of leading another life.

And let’s not forget holiday party next week next week — yes we have one. What are we celebrating, you may ask? We are celebrating our community, our partnerships, the spirit of creation and the possibilities that the new year will bring us all!

Jay Mandel is The founder of The Collective NYC, a marketing consultancy. You can engage with The Collective NYC on Instagram. This post expresses my personal views and my personal views are directly connected with my employer because it is me 🙂

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