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Tips for planning a creative and enjoyable corporate event_ Event Space Meeting Venue

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Planning corporate events for a remote company can be a fun and creative challenge. Here are some ideas for engaging and enjoyable remote corporate events:

  1. Virtual Team-Building Activities:
    • Online escape rooms: Team up and solve puzzles together in a virtual escape room.
    • Virtual trivia: Host a company-wide trivia night with various categories and prizes.
    • Virtual scavenger hunt: Create a list of items for team members to find around their homes.
  2. Wellness and Fitness Activities:
    • Virtual yoga or meditation classes: Promote relaxation and well-being among your team.
    • Online fitness challenges: Encourage employees to stay active with challenges like step counts or workout routines.
    • Healthy cooking or mixology classes: Learn to cook a healthy meal or mix a refreshing drink together.
  3. Workshops and Skill Development:
    • Online workshops: Invite experts to host webinars or workshops on relevant topics.
    • Skill-sharing sessions: Allow team members to showcase their skills or hobbies.
    • Language exchange: Organize language learning sessions for employees interested in improving language skills.
  4. Virtual Volunteering:
    • Choose a cause: Participate in remote volunteering activities as a team.
    • Fundraising events: Organize virtual charity drives or donation campaigns.
  5. Creative Activities:
    • Virtual art classes: Hire an artist to guide employees in painting, drawing, or crafting.
    • Talent show: Let team members showcase their talents, from music to stand-up comedy.
    • Online game night: Host multiplayer video game sessions or board game nights.
  6. Company Celebrations:
    • Virtual holiday party: Celebrate holidays or company milestones with themed parties.
    • Employee appreciation day: Recognize and appreciate your team’s hard work and dedication.
    • Awards ceremony: Acknowledge outstanding contributions and achievements within the company.
  7. Virtual Tours and Experiences:
    • Virtual museum or zoo tours: Explore cultural or natural wonders together.
    • Virtual travel experiences: Discover new destinations through virtual travel tours.
    • Virtual escape room experiences: Join remote escape room adventures set in various locations.
  8. Book or Movie Clubs:
    • Choose a book or movie: Read a book or watch a movie together and discuss it later.
    • Create a schedule: Host regular discussions to keep everyone engaged.
  9. Employee-driven Events:
    • Employee-led initiatives: Encourage employees to propose and organize events they’re passionate about.
    • Personal milestones: Celebrate birthdays, work anniversaries, or other significant events in employees’ lives.
  10. Virtual Retreats:
    • Multi-day retreats: Plan virtual off-site retreats with workshops, team-building activities, and relaxation sessions.
    • Themed retreats: Host themed virtual retreats focused on specific goals or areas of improvement.

Remember to consider your company’s culture and the preferences of your team members when selecting corporate event ideas. Tailoring activities to the interests and needs of your remote team will help ensure successful and enjoyable events.


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