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Winners of 2017 Best Office Design Award have four things in common: human-centric design, flexible communal spaces, ergonomic workspaces, and natural light.

Natural light is an especially important design element. A study conducted by the Department of Neurology at Northwestern University and the School of Architecture at the University of Illinois found that the old adage about natural light is not only true, it has far-reaching effects: office workers with more natural light exposure slept longer, had better sleep quality, more physical activity, and rated a better quality of life than those with lower levels of natural light exposure.

One workspace in the Big Apple fully embraces the award-winning design approach. Enter Workville.

Workville is located smack dab in the middle of hustling, bustling midtown Manhattan, steps from Times Square, Penn Station and Grand Central this coworking space realizes that embracing a holistic approach to workplace wellbeing leads to members success. An added perk for Workville is their location high up on the 21st and 22nd floors; their space clears the lower buildings and equates to sunny, city views.

Here’s how Workville embraces award-winning design trends to create a premiere workspace:


Focus On The Human Aspect

They define human-centric approach as letting member companies maintain their own culture, while also offering vibrant, inspiring common spaces that evoke the Workville vibe of thriving professionals.

“We are committed to our member experience and to providing a thriving workspace; which we define as a happy, productive, well-designed workspace. Features include natural light, private team offices, comfortable lounge spaces to break-out into smaller meetings, outdoor workspace, and of course, ergonomic furniture. As far as our management style, we’re inspired by the experience at a Four Seasons Hotel, or a Danny Myers’ restaurant – we know all of our members and we are always here to help, but we also leave teams alone to do their thing. We foster a supportive and respectful culture,” says Sue Bernstock, President of Workville. “The bones of our space are an asset too, the 21st and 22nd floors have clear views so natural light floods in all year. The 21st Floor has 3 terraces. The 22nd Floor views look like your office is floating above midtown west.”

Strategic Lounge Spaces

Workville opts for warm and inviting lounge spaces and cozy nooks where members can connect, relax or work. This includes strategically designed breakout spaces where teams can collaborate or work independently. “There’s a great vibe here” says Gary Riger member, Founder of Bklyn Co, “where collaboration is encouraged and you feel you have the support to really grow your business. At the same time, the Workville team has ensured a culture where your personal space is valued.  It’s a really nice balance.”

It’s All In The Ergonomics and the Natural Light

Workville places their members comfort as top priority.  The floor layout emphasizes windows and lighting, and even the small details like quantity and placement of outlets and ports are ergonomically friendly. From standing desks to flexible furniture, the Workville team ensures all furniture is tested and approved by their members.

“We invite all of our members to try-out the desks and chairs we bring in to the office space during our testing phase.  These mini-focus groups, as well as individual member feedback help us to make the final decision on our furniture purchases.  We recently made a large ergonomic furniture acquisition, now furnishing our private and open spaces, based almost entirely on user-feedback” says D.J. Dashti, Workville Co-Founder.

Addressing the deeper and more subtle needs for supporting healthy, sustainable living has also been good for business.  “When members are happy, they are simply more creative and productive,” states Dashti. “They choose to stay in our space as their teams grow, often moving from open workspaces to private offices or both.  That’s the beauty of Workville, we work around our members’ needs, they don’t work around us”.

Workville Coworking Space NYC Private Office with Windows

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