At Workville we’re surrounded by startups growing exponentially side by side.

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At Workville we’re surrounded by startups growing exponentially side by side. It. Is. Electrifying.
We want to share the experience with you. Here are tidbits from the Workville front lines.  

1.Customer Focus – Every startup is in the service industry…
In the world of customer service, TLC is everything. You may have VIP customers you think take priority, but shouldn’t all your customers be VIPs? Treat every lead, every customer interaction and every follow-up with equal care and attention!

A great example to follow is DropCar. Once a week DropCar’s CEO works out of their garages alongside his employees to get an up close look at the process. Because of this, he has an honest relationship with his employees and understands every detail of the customer journey. This is how DropCar ensures it’s customers have a positive experience every single time. Drop the mic for DropCar!
We’re inspired by our members’ best practices, so we’re opening a customer service question to you – how can Workville help you? 

I’m not just talking about a “cool” checklist of membership perks to offer. E-mail the Workville team; let us know your company’s pain points so we can source the solutions!  What else would you like to gain from Workville’s customer service?

2.Team Players
Team players are essential for achieving growth and success, because disrupting an industry is hard-work. You can’t do it alone, and you can’t do it by skipping steps—unless you’re Alan Iverson and we’re talking about practice. 

Hard skills are easy to define based on the position you “play” for the company. Soft-skills though?  That is what differentiates leaders. 

The leading soft skills among our members are: humility, team work, curiosity and enterprising. 

Humility & Team Work: We’ve noticed no one misses their company’s Monday meeting (or Tuesday meeting if you’re a commuter company). There is an overall ethos of diligence and collaboration. It’s very inspiring!

Curiosity & Enterprising: Challenge each other in Agile Thinking exercises. Assign “project managers” whose skill set best aligns, not just the person who has availability. If someone is taking on too much work – switch it up! Make a new gameplay, prioritizing goals and reassessing workload. Seriously, if you stay humble, you stay nimble!


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