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Here at Workville, we aim to provide our members with the space as well as the resources and support they need to grow their businesses. We love to promote and champion our members! And so, we’re launching a new weekly column here on our blog spotlighting our smart, compassionate members working to make a difference!

Jason Malki is the founder of StrtupBoost, a 25,000-strong community of the best and brightest who come together for startup presentations, investor nights, networking, and other events, including an upcoming FinTech Fireside Chat at Workville on March 16th.

But how did Malki grow his community to 25,000? We recently chatted with him and, well, let’s start at the beginning?

Malki originally attended Rutgers, and then transferred to Montclair State University where he planned to join an Entrepreneurship Club, but was surprised to discover MSU didn’t have one. “So I reached out to a bunch of local universities,” Malki says. He looked to partner with other clubs and learn what he could about organizing events when he met Haithem ELembaby at NYU’s Entrepreneurship Club who was running an event series called NYC Startup Mixers.

“At that point I had been involved with one startup,” Malki says. “And I had interned for a development shop and I knew that my goal was to eventually launch my own startup so I joined Startup Mixers to build my network and gain experience.” After a year with Startup Mixers, the series merged with a coworking space and Malki found himself coordinating and promoting up to three events each week.

“The events ranged from small meetups to multi-day hackathons,” he says. “And I had built out a strong network and a large email list and I felt that it was time for me to launch my own venture, which is now StrtupBoost.”

Jason Malki runs StrtupBoost from his office at Workville in midtown Manhattan. He’s exactly the kind of hard-working, dedicated business owner Workville looks to invite to our community. But his advice for someone looking to launch a startup is a bit strange.

“Keep your day job,” Malki says. “You’ll need the money to run your own business. Also, outside of your day job, put your remaining hours into your business until you can afford to focus solely on your own business. It’s going to take a lot of sacrifice.”

And, of course, having a dedicated workspace at Workville has helped him grow and develop his business. “I absolutely love the ambiance at Workvile,” Malki says. “Along with the location, as it’s right in the heart of the city, which makes it super accessible for my clients.” He goes on to describe Workville as the perfect startup meets professional environment. “It allows me to cater to young, hungry entrepreneurs as well as more mature businesses and clients.”

Strtup Boost’s Annual Startup Expo recently attracted over 60 exhibitors and 2,000+ attendees and this year’s Annual Investor Conference will feature 100+ investors and 100+ startups leading 5-minute Powerpoint presentations.

Swing by Workville and see if you can quickly say hi to Jason Malki. If he’s out, perhaps he’s having a bite at Refinery Hotel? “That place is all class,” he says of his favorite local haunt.

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Or schedule a tour and see why Jason Malki choses to grow Strtup Boost here, at Workvile.


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