A Forrest in Times Square?

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As reported in DNAInfo, a Brooklyn-based ecologist is working to install a temporary forrest in the heart of New York City. She and her team aspire to transport grass, ferns, wildflowers, and trees, some as tall as 30 feet, to build a sprawling forrest between W.45th and W.47th Streets and Broadway and Seventh Avenue, just a few blocks away from the Workville NYC offices and coworking.


Hey – if we could take a break from our office and stroll through a forrest in Midtown Manhattan, that doesn’t sound bad! Workville does have a beautiful terrace to look out at Manhattan from the 21st floor, and we work with local plant nurseries to have our own plants and succulents in the cafe and open coworking space, but we suppose everyone could use a little more nature in their life.

We don’t sing to them, but we’re told that helps.


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