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Yesterday, Google announced the People + AI Research initiative (PAIR) which brings together researchers across Google to study and redesign the ways people interact with AI systems. The goal of PAIR is to focus on the “human side” of AI: the relationship between users and technology, the new applications it enables, and how to make it broadly inclusive. The goal isn’t just to publish research; PAIR will also be releasing open source tools for researchers and other experts to use.

“We’re interested in the full spectrum of human interaction with machine intelligence, from supporting engineers to understanding everyday experiences with AI,” reads Google’s PAIR announcement.

PAIR will be led by two experts in data visualization, Fernanda Viégas and Martin Wattenberg, out of Google’s Mountain View-based Google Brain AI research group, where they previously worked mostly on developing tools to let researchers and engineers peek inside the workings of machine learning systems. And MIT and Harvard professors Hal Abelson and Brendan Meade will collaborate with PAIR on how AI can enhance education and science.

Google has been already looking at how AI can aid specific industries like healthcare through its DeepMind business unit, for example. But PAIR will also investigate how professionals like doctors, designers, farmers, and musicians could use AI to “aid and augment” their work.

In regards to Workville, and the nyc coworking space landscape, it’s clear that tech is not enough. It’s not enough to have smart conference rooms and convenient space management software. The People element is what makes or breaks a workspace or any community, quite frankly. At our midtown coworking space (39th and Broadway), we aim to provide the tech and the hospitality growing companies need to succeed. And we’ll be keeping a close eye on the PAIR initiative as it develops to see how People + Artificial Intelligence can improve our lives and our workspaces.


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