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Here at Workville, we’ve been providing coworking and office space in Midtown NYC for over two years now. And the bittersweet feeling of our member companies outgrowing their offices gave us a mission: how can we continue to collaborate with these great companies after they grow to 10, 15, 25 people? They don’t want to leave, they want to keep the perks and benefits Workville offers, but they’re scaling their business and scaling their team. What can we do to help companies in that growth stage of their business?

Workville’s private terrace

Well, you may remember when we announced that Workville is Doubling In Size and Scope, and we’re thrilled to continue this expansion by offering private offices and customized workspaces designed with larger, growing companies in mind.

We are currently building out spaces for our longstanding member companies who are growing and staffing up. And of course members will still have access to our private wrap-around terrace.

If you’re interested in seeing what we’re assembling on our new floor and how we could help your company reach the next level, schedule a tour or call 646-257-5537.


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