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Masse is receiving accolades of praise from the press. Vogue, Architectural Digest, Yahoo Finance, Fortune, and more rave about the market disruption potential of this product recommendation app.

The dynamic duo behind Masse, Elizabeth Shaffer and Lizzy Brockhoff, have experience with success. Shaffer was the first product manager at and Brockhoff the second. In March 2018, shortly after Jet’s acquisition by Walmart, they decided to branch out on their own. In record time for a product launch, Masse launched in the app store this November 2018.

Masse is a consumer tool to qualify and declutter the product search, or in more colloquial terms, it’s a fun platform that categorizes friend and trusted recommendations into easily searchable categories. It employs the same tools we’re used to from social media – creating a profile, selecting categories of interest, following friends, asking questions, sharing recommendations and scrolling through a categorized newsfeed of recommendations.

The value of Masse is that it solves the problem of inauthenticity and clutter in product reviews. Bot reviews, paid for reviews, influencers pushing non-vetted products are just a few examples of the unauthentic information consumers find difficult and frustrating to sort through. It’s hard to spot the qualified reviews, and friend recommendations are often lost in the clutter.

When Shaffer and Brockhoff become new moms (funny enough they had their babies a day apart) the need for a simpler, qualified product search was confounded. There is little margin for error regarding baby products, and being inundated with too much information can feel overwhelming for new moms. Distrust in inauthentic reviews skyrockets, while the value of friend recommendations becomes paramount. Facebook mom groups and similar trusted networks are especially popular with the mom demographic (and it should be noted this demographic comprises over $2.4 trillion of the U.S. spend per year) – the challenge here though is harnessing a trusted network of reviews into a streamlined, organized database. Enter Masse.

At launch, Masse already had a catalog of 3 million products and 500 beta users. Shaffer and Brockhoff were able to build an impressive catalog of product by leveraging partnerships with former employers Walmart and Jet, and by forming new partnerships with Sephora, Glossier, and the children’s clothing brand Maisonette.

“Our vision is to be the fastest way to find the right product for you—to cut through the clutter and provide a more efficient way for users to discover and evaluate products online,” says Shaffer. (

The categories of streamlined, trusted reviews expand well beyond the Baby category. Product recommendations cover a full range: Health and Wellness, Fashion, Home, Electronics, Gifts, and more. Ironically, by solving the problem for consumers, Masse also solves a problem for retailers. To quote Shaffer again, “It’s a positive brand experience for the retailers who are on board because it’s all about customers sharing their real insights with products that they’ve used.” (Yahoo Finance)

In almost every success story, it’s the simplest idea that has the most value. This Holiday shopping season, Masse is already proving to be a huge asset.



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