Take this Mad Lib’s Inspired Shared Office Space Quiz!

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Workville’s team is frequently asked the question, “As a company scales, should they stay in a shared office space or build-out their own office space?”

Economic Benefits of Coworking

Our answer is simple: shared office space is to the future  what the internet was to the 90’s. Right now shared office space may feel like the wild west of Real Estate, but it will soon be the norm because it offers a flexible solution to office needs, and serves as a value-add to the everyday office experience.Now, office space is a serious investment and has a huge effect on a company’s productivity + bottom line, so assessing shared versus owned office space is an important question. Here at Workville, our job is to make your office life easier. This means helping you determine your company needs.

More importantly, our goal is to make decision-making more fun and less cumbersome. 🙂 What’s a better way to do that than a handy-dandy game of Mad Libs?!

Take this Mad Libs inspired quiz we created, and it will help your scaling company answer the conundrum of shared office versus own office space.

Here’s how to play: Fill in the blank by choosing an answer from the prompts listed below the blank. Ready, set, go!










What conclusions did you draw from your answers? Let us know if you have questions; we’ll help you assess coworking versus private office space based on your parameters!

Workville’s goal in providing shared office space is to support your everyday needs. You focus on the bottom line; we take care of the rest.





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