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Remember when Google headquarters were the gold standard for workspace design? Change is underway again; open floorplans and playground style amenities are on their way out. Turns out workplace slides and kegs of beer are not helpful for the bottom line or for a flexible work schedule. So, with an increasing emphasis on work-life balance, the new workspace gold standard is shared office spaces with a modern, inspirational decor.


Here’s some quick data:

68% of workers interviewed by Money Magazine say that the future of working will be flexible hours, and working remotely on scheduled days. This means the workspace needs an update – the office will feel empty if only part of a team is onsite every day!

Enter the shared office space; teammates who work on different days can simply share a desk. The benefit is efficiency of space and comadarie on the team. A shared office always has people and energy in the workspace rather than overcommitting to a large space that feels like a ghost-town – the aforementioned is key to both cost efficiency and productivity.

shared office space with modern decor

77% of people interviewed on LinkedIn said that design profoundly affects their state of mind, and art in particular increases their happiness. They favor modern industrial decor with a hybrid workspace layout. People like having a variety of spaces to work throughout the day. Large team offices foster that sense of commaderie and company culture, comfortable break-out areas are conducive for brainstorming and smaller team meetings, while private workspaces are ideal for confidential and focused meetings.

Technology is of course, a large factor driving shared office space – “it’s also influencing the footprint and construction of the areas in which we perform our work duties. As technology has shrunk and grown more mobile, it’s also shrunk our workplaces. The modern office is less likely to have large personal areas…and the workplace is becoming far less centralized — we’re having meetings all over the place now [taking] technology with us” – Forbes.

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