Video Game Hall of Fame Announces Finalists, Including Donkey Kong, Mortal Kombat

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Yes, we can rest assured that the PC version of Solitaire is also finalist. Having debuted in 1991 on the Windows 3.0 operating system, Solitaire was part of that memorable turning point in computing. In fact, this version of Solitaire was installed on more than one billion computers throughout the 1990s.

“Donkey Kong” and “Street Fighter II” are among the 12 finalists up for induction into the World Video Game Hall of Fame. The Strong, the National Museum of Play, in Rochester, took nominations on its website for its third class of inductees.

Released in 1981, “Donkey Kong” helped to launch the career of legendary game designer Shigeru Miyamoto and became Nintendo’s most profitable game to that point, selling an estimated 132,000 arcade cabinets. Perhaps most importantly, Donkey Kong introduced the world to the plucky plumber Mario—who became the star of numerous other games and one of the most recognizable video game characters in the world.

Ten years later Capcom would release Street Fighter II: The World Warrior that helped to spark an arcade renaissance in the 1990s. The game inspired numerous sequels and an entire genre of one-on-one fighting games. Capcom sold more than 60,000 original cabinets and a staggering 140,000 cabinets and game conversion kits of the company’s “Champion Edition,” making it one of the top-selling arcade games ever.


Other nominees include “Tomb Raider,” “Resident Evil,” “Portal,” “Pokemon Red and Green,” “Myst,” “Mortal Kombat,” “Final Fantasy VII” and “Halo: Combat Evolved.”

Here are Workville, we don’t often play video games but what a blast from the past to hear about these titles! I’m sure many of our coworking space members can remember those first computers with Solitaire, or heading to an arcade in the early 1990s and crowding around Street Fighter II. Myst? What an incredibly innovative game when it premiered!

Were we, as developers, programmers, technologists, perhaps initially influenced by these video games? That may be difficult to prove, but hey – these titles are Hall of Fame Finalists for a reason!


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