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Workville’s President & COO, Sue Bernstock, was recently interviewed by the on-demand personal stylist platform, Wishi . Read below to see why Sue swears by Wishi (hint: it saves time and money). 

Tell me / us a little bit about where you work?I’m the President & COO of, Workville, a premier coworking space in NYC. I love curating a private club experience for our members. We attract talented, growth-stage companies; I strive to foster a productive, friendly experience for them. Style in a coworking space is a funny thing, there are no real rules. Our members dress a bit more professionally than the typical startup uniform of tshirt, jeans, and flip-flops.

How would you describe your shopping habits and style?

I try to be a smart shopper, investing in nice foundational pieces each season and then layering in the fun, inexpensive, throw-away items. Recently, my strategic shopping had become more like careless shopping. Rather than thinking through what to wear, I’d run to a fast-fashion store to buy a quick pick-me-up. The thing is though, fast fashion pieces aren’t really that cheap and the tailoring isn’t really that flattering. It was detracting from the expensive, flattering items I had thoughtfully selected and it was adding up to be a waste of money.

I used to enjoy shopping and fashion because I think it’s a reflection of who you are and the lifestyle you lead. Cue the sappy music as I describe that on a deeper level, what I was wearing on the outside wasn’t representing who I am today.

About three years ago I went through a major professional change. I quit my job in fashion and built up a career in the startup world (at Workville) basically from scratch. The clothes from my fashion-career didn’t feel right anymore while the ones I was buying left something to be desired, but I didn’t know what that was…

What inspired you to book your first Wishi appointment?

Packing – that was the catalyst for my first appointment. I was packing for a beach weekend out East, something I normally look forward to. But I looked in my closet and didn’t see anything I liked, which really put a damper on my excitement.

I decided it was wasteful to buy new clothes for a weekend getaway. It was time to invest in myself by investing in a stylist, to breathe new life and longevity into my wardrobe.

I literally picked up my phone mid-packing, booked my session, and then spent the commute to the beach setting up my profile and being styled by Clea. Honestly, the session was instantly gratifying. It put some pep back into my step!

So this explains why you decided to book a stylist – Why did you choose Wishi?

Well, actually, I wouldn’t have booked a stylist if it weren’t’ for Wishi. I happen to be familiar with Wishi because it’s well respected. The technology driving their platform is innovative and the co-founders are hardworking and genuine. I had an intrinsic feeling of trust that if I booked with Wishi, I would be getting a thoughtful, personal, easy experience. Expectations were exceeded!

My goal for the stylist session was to conceptualize the “new me” through inspirational ideas, mood boards, and some new clothes. I didn’t realize she would also teach me easy tricks like which accessories to layer for versatility and which unexpected items in my closet mix and match well together.

wishi's app helped Workville's president get dressed for street style fashion week for New York's September 2018 Fashion Week.


How have your stylist’s choices helped you get dressed?

Two words: Time Saver. Confidence Booster. That was four words actually…and they are equally important!

During the session, I quickly described my lifestyle to Clea, the stylist I booked and was floored by her intuit. In my personal life, for example, I wanted new options for date nights – I had been feeling pretty blah about my “date night outfits.”

My jaw dropped when she sent the date night options. Clea styled outfits that could easily be dressed up or down, worn with heels or flats (what if the guy is short!) and that flattered my figure. It was as if I had confided in a best friend, but in actuality, I hadn’t specified many of my styling conundrums. She intuitively understood; it was really fun how easily Clea knew what I’d need for this part of my life.

She also made it simple for me to replicate the outfit suggestions; turns out it can be as simple as adding a classic belt to highlight the waistline.  

As for work, I like to be both professional and approachable. I’m frequently member-facing, and sometimes even help with members’ PR – like filming a Shark Tank spot on the fly. I’m also on my feet a lot, so being comfortable is essential too. Clea did it again for my professional life; she knew exactly what I needed. She styled pieces from my closet and also suggested new items to add longevity to my wardrobe.

I thought I may be shooting for the stars when I asked Clea to layer in sustainable or eco-conscious brands. I like the idea of being a conscience shopper but was not patient enough to find the right brands. (It’s hard enough remembering to bring your own bag to the grocery and metal straw to the bar!) Before I could finish typing a half-apology for the high-maintenance eco request, Clea had already sent me shoppable links for chic, eco-friendly items. 

Overall, the styling session with Wishi was very rewarding. I now save a lot of time getting ready.  Clea created virtual mood boards and virtual outfits for me, which I reference before I get dressed; and I feel good when I put on the clothes because I’m excited about the outfits. This new routine takes 10 minutes tops and is really fun.

Will you book your Wishi stylist again?

Yes! It’s going to be a seasonal thing. Rather than throwing money at fast-fashion, I’m moving part of that budget into styling sessions. I can’t wait to share with Clea the items I have invested in for the season, my lifestyle updates, and then let her work her magic. It’s such a fun and worthwhile investment not only in my closet but in myself. I appreciate how passionate the Wishi stylists are about providing a personal experience.

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Workville’s Meeting Rooms offers entrepreneurs, individuals, and small businesses affordable business solutions including meeting rooms, day offices, conference rooms, and coworking spaces. Workville’s full-service meeting rooms and facilities come fully equipped with state-of-the-art technology for all your company’s needs.

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Clea also styled me for New York Fashion Week September 2018 in classy but fun fashion week street style.


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