Workville Member Spotlight: Deeksha Gaur of Show-Score

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Here at Workville, we aim to provide our members with the space as well as the resources and support they need to grow their businesses. We love to promote and champion our members! And so, we’ve launched a column here on our blog to spotlight our smart, compassionate members working to make a difference!

Show-Score is the brainchild of founder Tom Melcher, a serial Internet entrepreneur (this is his 10th start-up) and a huge fan of theater. In fact, when their kids went off to college, Tom and his wife Sharon moved to New York City primarily to see theater. And they saw over 250 shows in that first year! It was during that year, seeing so many shows, that they identified an opportunity. Even as avid theater fans, they found it nearly impossible to learn about everything that was happening in the theater world, or even find reviews and good ticket prices. Of course, this problem has been solved in other verticals with sites and products like Rotten Tomatoes, CNET, and TripAdvisor. Why not theater? Enter: Show-Score.com

Deeksha Gaur joined Melcher initially as a part-time editor, “to help figure out how we would present the critics’ reviews,” she says. “Particularly the scores and excerpts. This was pre-alpha! When the idea seemed like it had legs, Tom asked me to come on board full-time as Co-Founder, and we launched two months later.”

Growing the business out of their office at Workville, in the heart of Midtown Manhattan certainly has its perks for a startup working in the theater world. But it’s the hospitality that Guar loves the most. “The team at Workville is the absolute best,” Guar says. “They’re all so helpful, attentive, proactive, and responsive. There are other co-working spaces with lots of bells and whistles, but the truth is, what you really need is a place where you can come in, focus, and not have to deal with annoying disruptions like internet outages, out-of-whack room temperatures, slow elevators, etc. If there’s ever an issue, the Workville team is on it and communicate clearly and often. They are committed to making your day as smooth and productive as possible.”

When she’s not working in the office you may find her at Savour Sichuan just a block away from Workville’s NYC coworking space. Again, it helps to have NYC office space in such a great location. “On a totally different note,” Guar chimes in. “The Workville balconies are a huge perk, especially in the nice weather!”

In just 17 months working at Workville, the Show-Score community has grown their community to over 125,000 users. “We hope to continue that trajectory!” Guar says. “But honestly, we want to find fun, new ways to bring this community of theater lovers together to share their passion and help each other discover shows they’ll love at the right price for them.”

Her one piece of advice?

“Don’t be afraid of failure,” she says. “Embrace it, and fail fast. Then you can learn from your mistakes and move on quickly.”

Schedule a tour today. Whether you’re looking for a dedicated office or open coworking space, Workville can help you grow your business just like Tom and Deeksha at Show-Score.com


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